Foursquare, a location based social networking game, is now available for Android. This game allows users to share their location with their friends. It has been one of the most popular apps for the iPhone and is Gowalla’s main competition. Usually apps ported over from the iPhone are not as good on Android as they were on the iPhone. But this app has a few features that the IPhone doesn’t; the most notable one is Google Maps integration.

Foursquare has been available for Android via web browser for awhile, now there is a standalone app available in the Market and it’s free. Those of you who have played the iPhone version will pick this up fairly quick. But there are a few changes in the Android version, it now features Google Maps integration and a one-click check-in process. Also, this app has a unique look tailor made to fit the Android platform.

Foursquare allows Android users to “check-in”, which is a way of letting your friends know where you are. Once you check in, foursquare alerts your friends about your whereabouts and recommend places for them to go and things to do. Every foursquare check-in earns you points. You can earn 5 points for finding a new place in your neighborhood, 2 points for making more than one stop at night and 1 point for bringing your friends along. Checking in to more interesting places earns you various badges; there are badges for discovering new places and for traveling to faraway places. Earn enough points and you will become a “Mayor” and when you reach this level you will be award free gifts such as, coffee, ice-cream and free hotel stays. Like most apps for Android, the code has been open-sourced and maybe the community can add more exciting new features to it.