Foursquare has added a new feature to its Android app that is its latest attempt to move beyond check-ins alone. The new feature is a notification tray that will alert the user whenever a friend comments on their check-in. The feature looks a lot like the iPhone Facebook app to me from the screen you see here. The app also has a lot more interesting notifications that it will offer.

The notifications will alert when a user follows a tip that you left behind and when a friend adds the same place to their to-do-list. It will also keep track of how many times you visit a place and check-in and name you mayor if you visit more than your friends do. The app will then alert you when you are ousted as mayor by a friend.

The notification alerts can be suspended for an hour or until the next day using the mute button. The update should be popular with the 10 million users of Foursquare. Foursquare check-ins are over 3 million each day right now.

[via FierceMobileContent]