Let’s start the year with a new project on Indiegogo. No, we’re not launching one. Just featuring this new retro mechanical keyboard that is compatible your Android device. This is one keyboard you’d want to use over and over again because of the ease and comfort it offers. Touch-typing is made easier with this accessory that will remind you of the olden days of typewriters.

Officially called the Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard, this project by Hong Kong-based startup lofree is simply a wireless keyboard with the popular Mac keyboard layout. We’re not turning into Apple fans but we can all agree that such is comfortable to work with.

The Retro Mechanical Keyboard was designed mainly for Mac users but it is also compatible with Android and Windows machines. This means you can use the keyboard with your Android phone, tablet, Chromebook, or any laptop with Bluetooth connectivity. This is actually second-generation but it’s only now that Lofree captured our attention.

The difference between the two lies on the positions of ‘Q’ and ‘1’.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth Low Energy but it can also be wired. It looks like an old typewriter but it offers smooth touch typing for comfort. The keyboard features a 3-level LED backlit, twelve multimedia keys, 4000mAh battery, and a micro USB port.

Fund goal is only $10,000 but over $108,000 have been raised already. That’s more than 1083% percent of the goal, thanks to the 1,152 backers. There’s still a month left before the deadline and after this feature, we believe the amount will increase further.

SOURCE: Indiegogo


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