It used to be that wearables like fitness bands were either simple enough or meant to look like actual fitness bands. But the trend with a lot of brands now is to make these accessories look like part of a user’s outfit and so they must make them look fashionable enough to be a bracelet or necklace. The latest one in the market is the Fossil Q Motion, a metal-banded activity tracker that resembles another new wearable from Misfit, which Fossil actually acquired last year, called Ray.

What Q Motion basically does is to track your steps, which is what some average users actually just need from fitness trackers. But it also vibrates if you receive a notification from your connected device. This wearable from Fossil also has “smart tap” which lets you program some one-tap actions like change music tracks or use the band as a remote to take selfies with your smartphone’s camera.


Unlike some other wearables that you can wear as a pendant, the Q Motion is not designed that way, so you’d have to be content to wear it on your arm. It will also last for 6 months without having to change the battery. And it is also water resistant for up to 50 meters.


The Fossil Q Motion may be the first step in the Misfit-ication of the brand, at least when it comes to their wearables. After all, that may be one of the reasons why they bought Misfit. The fitness band will be available this summer in the US with an SRP of $95.