The year 2019 started with us telling you that Google and Fossil Group have started working on a new wearable smartwatch technology. Fast forward to a few months later, we heard the first smartwatch project may be launched soon. Details have been scarce but now we’re learning Fossil is ready with a new Hybrid HR Smartwatch Technology. The company already has the hybrid smartwatch category but believes it can still be improved. The new tech is expected to bring more features and enhancements to current and upcoming smartwatches.

The Hybrid HR Smartwatch tech is a project of Fossil Group’s research and development team. It improves SMS, alerts, heart rate and activity tracking, caller ID, and long two-week battery life. There is no mention what smartwatch models will first implement the Hybrid HR technology but a few models may be out this holiday season.

This hybrid technology is a result of “Fossil Group’s commitment to fostering continuous, cutting-edge innovation”. The company continues to improve on products and integrate features that are frequently used by consumers without compromising style. Fossil’s Hybrid HR smartwatches usually look like any classic watch from the brand but come with a touchscreen display and features such as an Always-on Display, Customization, a long-lasting battery life, and in-depth wellness tracking.

In case you missed it, the Fossil Group also introduced a proprietary nextgen touchscreen smartwatch technology last August. Special features include the Phone app, microphone and swim-proof speaker, and Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100, and extended battery life.

Fossil is expected to make waves this 2019 Fall/Holiday retail season. It will launch over 100 new smartwatch models across 10 brands. The wearable device game is still alive. It may be stagnant but there is hope.