Fossil Gen 5 LTE Variant

The Fossil Gen 5 announced in August 2019 received a follow-up model more than a year later. The Fossil Gen 5E may see its latest sibling, the Fossil Gen 6, but we may also soon see the another variant. A new Fossil smartwatch with LTE has surfaced. There is no official name yet but an unknown watch with Wear OS visited the FCC. We’re not sure about the product but we know it is a wearable device. With LTE connectivity listed as one of the specs, we can say Fossil may be announcing its first ever LTE smartwatch.

The Fossil watch is round so expect a similar design from the previous models. The LTE support may be for major mobile carriers in the US as per our source. As with other smartwatches, you can expect the usual NFC, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

We doubt a CES 2021 reveal but it’s certainly not impossible. After this year, we’re looking at companies launching new products and services earlier than usual. If it’s not a Fossil Gen 6, an upgraded Fossil Gen 5 LTE will still be acceptable. As long as the improvement is LTE compatibility, then it has potential to sell.

We’re curious if this mysterious Fossil Gen smartwatch will be equipped with Snapdragon 4100 chipset from Qualcomm. If yes, then it’s likely it will come with LTE. What do you think?


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