Fortnite is all set to conquer the mobile gaming world. Its developer is about to challenge the Google Play Store in app distribution by launching its own app store. The last upgrade we noted was the v7.10 patch last December. It’s now on v7.30 so expect major improvements in gameplay, audio, and performance. New features are available: the Chiller Grenade and Mobile Controller Support. The latter lets you play the game with Bluetooth controller support so you can fully enjoy the game.

Epic Games has also added a Chiller Grenade so you can “chill” your enemies towards victory. Enjoy the Limited Time Mode where you have a greater chance of achieving Victory Royale

In Limited Time Mode, you will notice more amount of materials received from gathering. All weapon drops are Legendary so you can fight better.

Some of the weapons and items you can see in Fortnite include that Chiller Grenade, Cozy Campfire – Updated Visuals, Vaulted (Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Burst Rifle, SMG, Heavy Shotgun), and Unvaulted (Suppressed SMG). If you noticed a bug that lets balloons not to collide with vehicles, that’s fixed already with this update.

When it comes to the Playgrounds, the Guided Missile has been removed from. Spiky Stadium Supply Drop has been removed as well.

SOURCE: Epic Games