Fortnite Battle Royale for Android devices has just got more interesting to compete in as players can try their luck in the Fortnite Galaxy Cup in association with Samsung. So what’s at stake in the tournament exclusive for Android players? The participants will get the opportunity to win a unique Galaxy Scout outfit/skin and the Galaxy wrap. This official announcement comes a couple of days after Samsung accidentally (or intentionally) leaked event dates and the exclusive Galaxy Scout skin.

The top-performing players in each region will get exclusive rights to own the Galaxy Scout skin. Before this, the Galaxy skin, iKONIK skin and the Fortnite Glow skin were only available for Galaxy phone buyers, but this tournament slated to run from July 25 to July 26 gives another opportunity to grab exclusive perks. The only basic requirement is Two-Factor Authentication enabled for the Epic Games accounts and participation in at least five games at the time of the competition.

For many regions of the world, the Fortnite Galaxy Cup will offer the perks to top-performing players having Rank 1. For Europe, it will be top 10,000 players, top 6,250 players in NA East, and 2,500 in NA West and Brazil. There will be perks for 1,250 top players in Asia, Middle East and Oceania respectively.

The points will be granted on the placement and elimination during the matches. Every elimination counts for single point while each match played earns players single point. A Victory Royale counts for 10 points, second to fifth position earns 7 points, sixth to fifteenth position during a match counts for 5 points while sixteenth to twenty fifth position earns just 3 points. Players can participate in one of the three leagues – Open League, Contender League and Champion League – based on the Hype points earned.