Fortnite Update Voice Chat Android

Fortnite is about to get another update. No thanks to the numerous bugs and issues being reported to Epic Games. Another round of update is not really bad. In fact, it is very much welcome because updates always improve the performance of a certain game or app. Epic has been hard at work on Fortnite. The latest release will include the voice chat coming back to the Android version of the game. Unfortunately, it’s not ready for iOS gamers yet.

For a little while, Epic disabled voice chat temporarily for some reason. We missed its pullout but it’s back now.

Apparently, the game performance of some mobile players has been degrading while using voice chat. We understand why because of shared bandwidth but we don’t get why frame rates and graphics were lower even when voice chat wasn’t in use.

Epic already made the necessary updates Fortnite Season 8. Voice chat is back without any problem, at least, for Android gamers. If you’re on iOS, you may have to wait a bit.

Other bugs are still being checked. You may check its Trello board for more related information and updates.

One issue we think must be fixed soon is about the spectators being shown on a player’s screen even if he already left a challenge. The bug must be squashed because it is privacy related.

VIA: SlashGear