We’ve talked on a few occasions about a company called Green Throttle. The company built a game controller called the Atlas designed to let you play Android video games on your TV from across the room. Green Throttle Games has now announced its first internally produced free to play game to go with that Atlas game controller.

The game is being developed by Hungry Moose Games, which is a development company founded by former BioWare developers. The game is called 9 Lines: Casey and Sphynx. Green Throttle Games promises to bring more free to play games to the Android store that are specifically designed are playing in the living room.

9 Lives is a puzzle game about a misfit couple including a security guard named Casey and Sphynx, was a stray cat with a bad attitude. The two characters risked their nine lines on archaeological adventure through a museum. Players can play alone or with a friend.

When playing co-op mode, both players show up on the same screen. Each of the puzzles is set in ancient Egyptian tomb within the museum. There’s no word on when the game will be available at this time.

[via VentureBeat]