When you’re running or biking or doing whatever physical activity you do to keep fit, you still want to have your tunes on but without the inconvenience of having a smartphone with you at all times. The new member of the Forerunner series from Garmin will let you do just that. The Forerunner 645 Music is a GPS running watch that integrates your music to your wearable without being connected to another mobile device. Plus it has Garmin Pay so you can leave your wallet at home.

This wearable is the more sophisticated version of the sporty Forerunner line with its metal bezel and chemically strengthened glass, and the always-on Garmin Chroma display. It even has interchangeable bands so you can match your outfit or your mood. You get all the usual wearable tricks like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, advanced running dynamics, performance monitoring tools. You can also customize your device with watch faces, widgets, apps, data fields, etc, all through the Garmin Connect IQ Store.

But what makes this standout from the others in the Forerunner line is that it has on-device music storage so you can actually put your music into it, pair your device with a Bluetooth headphones, and leave your phone at home when you work out. You can also download offline playlists from some music streaming services like Deezer, iHeart Radio, etc. Plus, it has support for Garmin Pay, their very own contactless payment solution so you can get that bottle of water or cup of coffee after your workout even if you did not bring any cash with you.

If in smartwatch mode, it will last for 7 days but if you put it on GPS music-playing mode, it can last you 5 hours. It is available in black or cerise band at $449.99. A non-music version, the Forerunner 645 is also available in black or sandstone band and priced at $399.99.

SOURCE: Garmin


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