We’ve lost count of how many VR headsets and virtual reality apps have been released the past two years. We know more will enter the market and will arrive at the Google Play Store so we’re not closing our eyes. We’ll keep them open for more possible adventures and experiences in the virtual realm just like this new FordVR app from one of the top carmakers in the world.

Next to join the bandwagon in providing one-of-a-kind entertainment is Ford with its virtual reality storytelling app. It’s more designed to showcase the company’s latest products and innovations. Fans and potential consumers of the company will enjoy this because it brings them access behind the scenes in the production of the new Ford DT race car and the return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The app is a preview to how Ford completed the design and manufacturing of the new car model. The virtual reality app for Android gives mobile users a glimpse of the vehicle. It’s a cool way of interacting with the brand as it’s more of a storytelling adventure that allows more people to experience like never before.

Ford describes the app as an “extraordinary new virtual reality experience”. It’s the closest thing people can get to being inside Ford. It’s one way to let the consumers “inside” and let them see what the brand has in store for them and understand why Ford is the way it is now.

To make this immersive and educational VR app possible, Ford teamed up with Tool of North America, a company known for development of 360-degree and virtual reality content.

Download FordVR from the Google Play Store