So you’ve finally bought your first car. You need to know that purchasing one and driving it around the city are not your only concern. There’s also the challenge of traffic and finding a parking spot wherever you’re going. It’s going to be a problem unless you’re a VIP where a spot is always reserved for you. We always knew there will be an app for such and true enough, Ford wants to provide a smart solution with FordPass. The app now allows you to select a parking spot before going to a location and pay for it early.

The idea isn’t new. Perhaps you’ve already imagined this but Ford here wants to bring it to more people in the United States. The app now works in more than 160 cities in the country, offering “better, smarter, more efficient mobility solutions for consumers”.

Before leaving the home, check the FordPass for available parking spots near your destination. Spaces that support the app will show up. You can reserve and pay so you won’t have difficulty searching for one. Prices differ but you are free to choose the best deal.

FordPass definitely helps drivers find a parking spot. It’s usually stressful to find a space but with FordPass, you can quickly reserve for one as it makes parking easier.



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