If you have a brand new Ford car and it is equipped with the Sync 3 connectivity system, then you’ll be pleased with the latest upgrade, as it now supports the Android Auto platform, 4G LTE connectivity, and several new AppLink apps. Furthermore, the new system allows users to have access to their cars, even when they’re not inside the automobile. Of course we’re not yet at the remote driving level, but who knows, eventually, we might get there.

But for now, we’d have to be satisfied with several new additions that Ford has added to their Sync 3. Those with Android devices can now connect their smartphones or tablets to their cars through the Android Auto app. And since Sync Connect technology can now be powered by 4G LTE, users can have remote access to their cars and program such commands like unlock doors, check fuel levels, start the car remotely (but no driving yet), and for those who easily forget where they parked their cars, locating their vehicle through their smartphone.

In addition, the AppLink – Sync feature has activated several apps that can be voice controlled all from the driver’s seat, like the AAA/CAA app (for fuel related information), Concur (for logging in business trips), Eventseeker (pretty self-explanatory), Cityseeker (best restaurants, nighttime, attractions in over 500 cities), and others to come soon. Of course if you’re using Android Auto, you can have info from Google Maps, Google Play Music, etc, projected onto your Sync screen.


All Ford 2017 vehicles in North America will have Android Auto available, starting with the new Ford Escape. Meanwhile, those who have 2016 vehicles that have Sync 3 will receive an update later this year, but no timetable offered yet.