One of the ways that devs can make sure that their apps work on all the different Android platforms and builds out there is to use an automated app that makes testing across lots of devices easier. In the iOS world Gorilla Logic has been offering the FoneMonkey app for a while now and clams to have a bunch of iOS devs that use the app. The company has announced the FoneMonkey app is now available on Android too.

Using the app the developers can automate Android app testing, recording, and the creation test scripts to speed up testing. The goal is to make the apps work better across all the different Android builds and devices on the market.

Easier and better testing for devs should mean better and more stable apps for Android users. With all the fragmentation issues in the Android realm, this is a very good thing indeed. The official PR for the test suite isn’t on the GorillaLogic site at this time.

[via Techrockies]