Motorola FM Radio app

Motorola Mobility has been updating a number of apps lately for some of its Moto handsets. The latest recipients of an app update are the Moto E and all generations of Moto G with the newly enhanced Motorola FM Radio. The app offers free FM radio streaming right on your Android smartphone. You can scan for stations, make a favorites list, and see live information about the song currently playing.

The Motorla FM Radio features a navigation that can be controlled with a simple swipe. However, you still need to have a wired headset as it will work as the FM antenna. With the recent app update, Motorola has improved on issue scanning frequencies in Colombia which have been experiencing some errors. Playing, seeking, or pausing/stopping a song from the lock screen is now possible too. Motorola also added seek up or down buttons to FM radio notification controls. No need to open the app to just change FM bands. And of course, the developer did some stability fixes for a better FM radio listening experience.

What’s new on the app is that it now features Bluetooth support. Listening via a paired Bluetooth headset, car head unit, or portable speaker has been enabled. This means you can listen to FM radio even without a wired headset. Simply put on a Bluetooth earpiece and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Note that Motorola released the update on the Google Play Store even if the FM Radio app is exclusive to Moto E and Moto G phones for owners to be immediately notified of the release. Even without a system upgrade, the FM Radio app can now be easily updated.

Moto E and Moto G device owners can download the updated Motorola FM Radio app from the Google Play Store