An app called Flynx has exited beta and is now available to download in version 1.0. The app has been quite popular during its beta stage and is designed to make it easier and more convenient for you to open links in your favorite apps.

Flynx opens links in articles you are reading on Facebook, Twitter, and other apps in the background while you continue to use apps or work from your device. A quick read mode is also included that is designed to get rid of any ads and show the content only to save you time and data.

Flynx also allows you to save articles to read offline later. The app supports opening multiple links and gives you the ability to switch between them easily without leaving the app you are in. Sharing is also tightly integrated with the ability to share links to your favorite apps like Facebook, twitter, and others.

Support for 15 languages is integrated including German, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, French, and English. Version 1.0 brings with it the option to align bubbles on the top left or right corner. Articles automatically load in quick read mode and the ability to save stories for offline reading is also a new feature.

SOURCE: Google



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