There may be hundreds of thousands of adventure games available on Android but only a few really catch my attention. Of course, after playing and reviewing a lot of games, one can get uninterested in the new titles that are being introduced each day. Not this ‘Gathering Sky’ as the game trailer alone made me listen to the background music before actually playing it.

Okay, maybe the sounds by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music made a big difference but this game by ‘A Stranger Gravity’ will definitely grab one’s attention. The music reminds me of how Monument Valley devs did the soundtrack. It’s enchanting you can just listen to it in the background without having to find out what the game is all about.

But hey, it’s an adventure game so might as well discover what is all the fuss about it. This game challenges you to guide a flock of birds as they go one a journey flying across the sky. It’s one relaxing game because you’re required to dance in the winds.

Gameplay is easy and simple. You can even finish all levels within one hour according to the game developer. All you need to do is fly, dance, and follow the winds in the sky. You won’t be jumping or screaming while playing ‘Gathering Sky’ as you certainly be at rest and peace in this highly transfixing adventure game. Game costs $2.99 but no in-app items are offered.

Download Gathering Sky from the Google Play Store