Most people we know will agree that at some point in their life, Delta has given them headache about a missing luggage. We know a lot of geeks who’ve been victimized. We don’t know what’s with the airline and what happened to those lost and delayed baggage but at least we know that the company is willing to provide a solution. The Delta app is old but it’s getting an important update that will bring customers a view of their bag’s journey.

This change brings a map view of where the bag is going. It’s something we’ve been wishing for since time immemorial and now it’s here…finally! Delta customers can see on the Fly Delta app the whereabouts of their luggage. Visibility is important and that’s what Delta wants to deliver. It’s a first from any airline. It’s like tracking a package but this time, it’s your bag aboard an airplane or wherever it is going.

Delta has started to use RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification) for the luggage in the United States. RFID tracking technology is now available in domestic airports in the country, making this luggage tracking possible. International airports will soon follow.

To know where your luggage is, simply launch the Fly Delta app. You will see a suitcase icon on a map which you can zoom in or out. More information are shown when you tap on an icon or pin.

Delta’s Vice President of Global Distribution & Digital Strategy Rhonda Crawford said, “We listen to our customers and know they want a simplified mobile experience that puts the control back in their hands.” Indeed, this app update delivers something we all want more than our luggage in one piece–peace of mind.

Download Fly Delta from the Google Play Store