It was about a year ago when Flurry said that China had become the world’s fastest growing smart device market, and as of today, it looks like China has now overtaken the US in terms of having the most active Android and iOS devices. This includes tablets as well as smartphones and the lead, while just barely, has gone to China.

The details coming from Flurry show that the numbers were near even in January with the US having 222 million and China having 221 million. Keep in mind though, the final February numbers are not in just yet. In fact, as of now Flurry is making this announcement based on projected numbers. They have said that they expect China to have 246 million and the US to have 230 million.

While those numbers may vary a little come the end of the month, it seems there is not much reason to think that China will not overtake the US this month. Perhaps a bit more interesting though, Flurry has said that the US will not overtake this lead in the future. Of course, that simply goes to the population totals which is said to be roughly 1.3 billion for China and roughly 310 million for the US.


Otherwise, aside from China and the US with numbers above 220 million in terms of active Android and iOS devices, the remaining countries on the list are far behind. To that point, some of that most likely comes as a result of population numbers (amongst other reasons). The data coming from Flurry has the UK in third with 43 million, South Korea in fourth with 30 million and Japan in fifth with 29 million. On the flip side of totals, countries to include Columbia, Vietnam, Turkey, Ukraine and Egypt are currently top 5 in terms of fastest growing Android and iOS devices by market.

[via Flurry Blog]