Communication has a come a long way. It has evolved into this Internet we know now but expect to see more innovations, new ways, and new forms. When it comes to instant messaging, we’ve grown from the old MIRC and ICQ to Yahoo and Skype days to Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger or today. There may be dozens of popular applications available with users numbering to millions but the popularity is different every region or countries. And with the advent of this wearable industry, we’ve seen health trackers, fitness bands, and smartwatch become digital necessities.

The smartwatch era has begun and the past year, we’ve seen the device be integrated with different platforms. Android Wear is more popular and is now more supported by several OEMs. One of the apps we know is Talkey which apparently, is now known as Fluenty. The updated app now works as a Smart Reply assistant for messaging apps like SMS, KakaoTalk, WhatsApp, Hangouts, and FB Messenger. You can be connected to your family, friends, and colleagues with Fluenty as it provides access to the top social media apps for a quick-send reply.

Considered as one of the best Android Wear Apps of 2015, Fluenty (formerly known as Talkey) brings artificial intelligence when responding to text messages. You don’t have to type on a small screen or do a lot of tapping or “talking” because the app will do the work for you. Don’y worry, it won’t break up with your significant other for you. Umm, it’s “smart” enough to care for your heart.

The idea is that Fluenty will suggest replies that are appropriate and natural based on your previous replies. You can see possible replies right on the message notifications so you can easily choose one to send. Actually, tap ‘Aireply’. This app works with several social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, or quick email.

Download Fluenty from the Google Play Store