It’s been done a couple of times before, but most people tend to go back to the old tap-your-icon-and-swipe-to move home screen. Flow Home is a different proposition altogether. It takes the things you usually want to check on your phone – Facebook feed, Twitter, Instagram, the weather – and puts it on your home screen in a timeline flow.

Flow Home’s primary view is a sort of grid of widgets that the user can scroll vertically. For Facebook items, you can like from the tiles directly. For Twitter items, you can favorite and retweet from the tiles. If you want more interaction, you can also go into the app from the tile itself.

For app access, there’s a home button you can place either on the left or right bottom corner of the screen that is designed for thumb access. The button opens an inspired pie menu of quick shortcuts to your favorite apps. Pretty nifty.

We will try this for a week and see if we find the urge to come back to the original Android home screen. We downloaded the beta app from the Google Play Store, but you still need a beta invite code to activate the app. Snatch a current one from Flow Home’s Twitter feed here, and then tell us about it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: Flow Home