Not many of you may care about this until it’s officially out on the Google Play Store but the Flow Desktop for Android is here. The program is poised to make things easier and more convenient for mobile consumers. Actually, it’s just a project right now by developer Daniel Blandford who shared his work on YouTube. He shared the progress update of the Flow Desktop for Android, hoping to get more support for his initiative. The dev is known for coming up with Android Desktop solutions that really work.

Not to be confused with other Flow apps and programs available in the desktop and mobile world, this Flow Desktop for Android makes it easier for a person to manage different Android devices from one computer. Ideally, a desktop is easier to control and manage. What’s good about this is you can see how the screens really look like.

Flow Desktop for Android is a system that can very well replace other platforms like the Remix OS or even Samsung Dex. We haven’t tried this on a real machine but the video gives us a glimpse of the many possibilities. It’s not perfect but it works.

The problem usually encountered by many people is that there are too many different mobile devices. Most of them are owned by just one person or being shared by at least two. Flow lets you use just one device to manage everything.

Flow also allows you to access Android straight from a desktop. It’s no Chrome OS but it has certain potential. Watch the video below:

From smartphones to desktops or laptops, time will come that you don’t really need to get a personal computer. Your phone will be enough. Just connect it to a monitor and you can start working and doing your stuff. As smartphones are becoming more powerful, the other devices get weaker and less important.