Widgets on our smartphones have definitely made our lives easier by offering us certain shortcuts to the apps that we love to use. However, one limitation is that we can mostly access them through our home screen only, and in this age when we want things faster and easier, it is a few added steps towards playing music, reading emails or checking your schedule for the week. One developer had the brilliant idea to create an app that will make using widgets even quicker and easier.

Flippr app simply has one basic function: to let you use your installed widgets without going to the home screen. Whatever app you’re using, whether browsing through the web or playing a game, if you suddenly have the need to look at your calendar, then you don’t need to exit your current app to access it. All you need is to click on a small bubble that will expand and show you all the widgets that you have on your smartphone.

Just tap the bubble, swipe your finger horizontally in order to go through the available widgets. You can even organise them into groups, just like you would organise your regular apps, so that it would be easier to sort through them and find the widget that you need, especially if you have a lot of them installed. You would need to swipe vertically in order to switch from one group to another. You can also customize the size and position of the bubble so that it will not interfere with the use of your other apps.

However, the app doesn’t work properly for now when it comes to OEM-specific widgets. You can get Flippr for free from the Google Play Store. There is also a pro version available where you can have unlimited number of widgets and groups to include in your bubble. You can also customize the animation of your bubble as well as the background of your widgets.