Technology news is probably a big part of the information that we consume every day (especially if you want to get away from politics or something). News aggregator Flipboard says its one of their most read categories so it’s really no surprise that they’re now bringing more features to it so that users will be able to access and digest their tech news better, whether it’s for personal reading or if it’s related to their job and even when collaborating with other people.

Once you’ve updated your app and you access your Technology Smart Magazine, you’ll notice that you’ll get even more expert content, including podcasts, opinions, breakthroughs, more long-form content, and even financial news because of the emergence of crypto currency. They also have books recommendations every Monday from tech insiders, sharing the things they’ve read that have inspired them in their careers. First “guest” is Wired editor-in-chief Nick Thompson and the five books about the future that he’s recently read.

You can also now have a private team magazine so you can share content with your teammates and just access all of it in one place. You will be able to access it in your Technology Smart Magazine or in “For You” feed. If you access Flipboard from the desktop, you’ll see a cleaner and easier-to-read layout for the Technology section.

You can also now get a daily round-up of all tech news in your email through the Today in Technology newsletter, which will also include stuff from your team magazine if you already have one. And Flipboard also reminds us that we can personalize our tech news according to our industry and interests. Check out the section on your Flipboard today and tell us if you like it.

SOURCE: Flipboard