Flipboard is an app that has helped people organize and make sense of all the gazillion online news and feature articles that you may encounter every day. And they do it in style, with their iconic magazine flip design. But now they say it’s time for a redesign and a sort of overhaul, as they update the app to version 4.0, which as they say is a response to their growing eco-system of publishers, created magazines, and also inputs from social networks.

Flipboard 4.0 now introduces the concept of Smart Magazines. Basically, it’s just like the magazines you’ve created combined with the topics you’ve watched out for in the old version. It’s a continuously updating collection based on the things you’re passionate about and not just a generic magazine that everyone gets if they chose for example the topic of technology. It’s customized in a more granular way with very specific subtopics that you might be more interested in than just the general one.

When you get to your update Flipboard, swipe left to add a passion to your Flipboard. For example, you picked Entertainment. You will then see subtopics to more specific things about it, like movies, music, tv shows, award shows, to even specific movies, shows, actors, etc. It will then generate a Smart Magazine with all the similar stories clustered together. General stories about the topic are still included unless you turn them off in the settings.

You can still make your Custom Magazine just like before or better yet, make it a Smart Custom Magazine which will include any source, person, publication or hashtag that you like. The Smart Magazines are seen in your Home carousel, but it can only house nine for now. All your other stuff that you’ve been following from before are in your profile area. Update your Flipboard mobile app now to enjoy version 4.0.


SOURCE: Flipboard