Flipboard has been around for a while now and the app was originally a place for people to read the latest news on a variety of topics. As the Flipboard community grew, some folks found it hard to find the news that really interested them because the categories were typically broad covering a wide subject like photography rather than individual topics inside photography.

That meant that if you were interested in something like composition, you had to wade through the entire photography category to find the stories that suited your interest. This is changing with Flipboard 3.0, it has added more than 30,000 new topics so you can find an entire topic with content that meets your needs without having to wade through so much extra you aren’t interested in.

Flipboard 3.0 is intended to be more like a magazine with the app tweaked to look and feel more like a magazine to readers. Version 3.0 has full screen covers and new typography. A new navigation bar makes it easy to find the content you want to read.

Flipboard 3.0 also has a new summary for top headlines called The Daily Edition with headlines from a variety of categories like tech, news, sports, and entertainment. The Daily Edition will be available by 7:00am in the US, UK, Latin America, Brazil, and India. Those are the only areas where The Daily Edition is offered.

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