No one can really make problems associated with traveling completely disappear, but there are some ways to prepare for them or at least make them more tolerable. Mobiata believes it posses some of those solutions and that the latest major update to its FlightTrack mobile app makes the traveling experience even better.

FlightTrack helps to relieve stress, especially those associated with flights, by making sure you have the necessary information when and where you need it. It gives you flight details, terminal maps, gate numbers, and other small tidbits at a single glance. It even pushes delay notifications to keep you updated all the time. The new version of the app adds even more conveniences and even a bit of entertainment to these features.


The app now makes it easier to keep track of groups by letting users gather everyone’s flight details into a single trip, allowing users to see who will be on the same flights. If the data is available, users can be informed whether their plane is equipped with onboard WiFi, which might turn out to be a lifesaver for those business trips. One can now also have a real-time animated version of the flight path on their smartphone. The new version of the app does have a disclaimer that it currently doesn’t sync with the popular trip planning service TripIt.


For a limited time only, until December 1 to be exact, FlightTrack 5 has a price tag of $2.99. Afterwards, it will go back to its regular price of $4.99.

Download: FlightTrack 5 on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Mobiata