Smartphones have so many functions and features, but at times, it can be a bit too complicated, especially if you’re in a hurry. Don’t you just wish you had just one button to make your gadget do whatever you want? Well now there’s a new product trying to get crowd-funded which will help you do just that. The Flic wireless smart button lets you program several tasks that it can do with just the push of a button, without holding your smartphone.

Just some tasks that Flic can do is to control your music playback, be your snooze button when you don’t really want to wake up, find your phone when you seem to have misplaced it, and of course, take the all-important selfie without it really looking like a selfie. One important use for the button is that if you’re in distress, you can use send your GPS position to loved ones or to 911. You can program it like this: one click to share your location, two to send a distress message and hold to sound an alarm.

Other fun functions that you can program your Flic to do is to make a fake call from your phone when you’re in an awkward social situation you need to get out of, or to turn a room into a romantic date by dimming the lights and turning on a romantic playlist. Aside from controlling your smartphone, it can also be connected to several devices and web apps like social networks, Philipps’ Hue lights, Belkin’s WeMo for appliances, and many others.

Flic will work by setting up the controls through their app that already has a few pre-set options. The restickable dot allows you to stick the button wherever you want, whether it’s on a wall or on your clothes. They’ve already reached their target goal of $80,000 on their IndieGogo page with more than a month to go.

VIA: IndieGogo