When you’re chatting with your friends or colleagues on whatever messaging app you’re currently using, when you’re talking about what restaurant to try out next or the latest music video that you’re enjoying, you’ll have to switch to other apps to be able to send links that you need. Virtual keyboard Fleksy wants to help you out with that by bringing the Fleksyapps to Android devices so you can save time and energy and not constantly switch apps while chatting.

Fleksy says that this built-in feature on the keyboard can help you with things like finding a movie to watch, restaurants to go to, how you’ll get to wherever you need to go, checking the weather, splitting a bill amongst friends and colleagues, sharing music, videos, etc. Some of the apps that are embedded that they mentioned are Yelp, GIPHY, Skyscanner, Spotify, YouTube and they will be adding more apps.

To use the apps, you don’t need to have them installed on your phone. When you’re chatting with someone and you need more information, just tap on the magnifying glass that’s on the top left section. Choose the app from among the current ones that they have and use it from within the keyboard app. It should be able to upload the results that you need immediately so you can share them instantly.

Fleksy says that statistics show that 80% of smartphone users actually don’t use most of the apps that they download. By eliminating the need to install certain apps that you rarely use but still need every once in a while, you’ll be able to have more space on your phone for things that you actually need.

Update your Fleksy app to the latest version to be able to enjoy using the Fleksyapps and to make your life a bit easier. Hopefully.