If you’ve always wanted to try out a virtual keyboard but didn’t want to spend a buck (or even les than) on them, one of the more popular ones has recently announced big news. Fleksy will now be free for users on all platforms, and they promise it will be forever. Making it available for free will hopefully bring a bigger user base to the developers, and so they will be able to concentrate as well on creating more improvements and maybe additional products for that growing community.

According to CEO and co-founder, Kosta Elefteriou, that is the reasoning behind making their virtual keyboard free for everyone. They want mobile users to have a “fast, expressive, and intuitive” typing experience. So now they will also be more focused in creating improvements across all languages, as the app supports 40 languages as of now, with more to come.

The app is also now launching a feature called Highlights, which will give you a better view of the rich content available on the app, like GIF, stickers, and other content discovery. You won’t need to go to separate pages anymore to look for stickers or GIFs. Just go and tap on the auto-recommended hashtag and it will lead you to a page where all the relevant content will be located in just one spae.

If you’ve previously bought the app, don’t worry, Fleksy is giving you free content worth $8 as a thank you. It includes new themes and extension slots as well. The in-app purchases and upgrades will still be available, in case you want a better virtual keyboard experience. If you haven’t yet, you can now download Fleksy from the Google Play Store for free – forever!

SOURCE: Fleksy


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