Third-party keyboards are good alternatives if you’re not satisfied with your smartphone’s built-in keyboard (and admit it, we rarely are) and you have a lot of choices out there. One of the more popular ones is Fleksy, and with the latest update of the virtual keyboard, you get a few new things like prediction extensions, and the removal of some other things like Fleksy Cloud and billing libraries, meaning the payment for extra themes.

The latest update, version 8.3.2, brings the prediction extension to help you save the time for when you’re typing in a hurry. But it will only work of course if the predictions are correct, so keep using Fleksy so that it will better understand how you type. The GIF keyboard has also been enhanced, giving you a way to search for the appropriate (or inappropriate) GIF and it also has dynamic categories like Reactions, Explore, and Trending. You will also now be able to use this GIF keyboard in Messenger and Twitter.

The good news also is that Fleksy is supposedly faster with this update. The bad news is that in order to do that, it has removed several libraries and background activities. They have temporarily disabled Fleksy Cloud, but no word on when they will be able to do so. Billing libraries are also now gone, so all those additional themes you used to buy will now be free. Sorry for those who already bought said themes previously.


The update for Fleksy is now available for Android devices through Google Play Store, but there may be a gradual rollout. You can also get the APK download if you’re too impatient to wait for the actual update.