As we often discuss, Android users have quite a bit of options for customizations. That means the simple things such as being able to choose a default for certain activities to being able to load up alternative launchers and in this case, alternative keyboards. There isn’t any shortage of options. Some of the more popular include SwiftKey and Swype, however we saw another drop the beta tag earlier this morning.

This other is called Fleksy. The Play Store listing has is noted as Fleksy – Happy Typing, but essentially, this is a predictive keyboard. The developer behind the app mentions how it is fast and “extremely forgiving.” The keyboard has the basics in terms of features, which really just means there are options to choose your language and also customize the look and feel.

Fleksy takes advantage of swiping gestures to accomplish certain tasks. An example here would be flicking down, that will cycle you through the suggested word list. Along with being able to tweak the look and feel, there are also some options for the keyboard. Fleksy has the regular as well as a mini and invisible mode.

Perhaps key here, Fleksy has a nice tutorial that should help new users get started. Furthermore, those looking for a bit more practice, a trip to the settings also reveals a Speed Game. Anyway, Fleksy is available in the Google Play Store and while it is free to download and begin using, that is a 30-day trial. Those looking to keep the app otherwise will have to pay $3.99.

That all being said, check the video below for a hands-on look at Fleksy. And yes, while we like the idea and the potential of the keyboard, we have to admit that we are still in the learning phase.