Smartwatches are cool and innovative and everyone seems to want to have one. But one problem baffles some potential customers: Will you actually be able to type on it given its size? And if you can’t type on it, well, then what’s the point of it actually? The The Fleksy Messenger app will try to teach smartwatch owners that yes, there is a way to actually type on your device.

Normally, the smart watches that come out will just let you view your notifications and answer yes or no questions regarding some applications. But installing the Fleksy Messenger can change that. Available for the Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear, it uses a predictive text engine and a gesture-based punctuation entry to help you say something using your smartwatch. What they cannot guarantee though is that you won’t be sending out hilarious messages sometimes coz of the eventual typo errors that will come out of this.

Although the Gear 2 technically doesn’t run on Android but on Tizen, installing Fleksy Messenger will show you the possibilities for your other Android-run smartwatches in the future. It can also run on the Galaxy Gear 1 which does use Android as its platform. According to CEO and Founder Kosta Eleftheriou, they are looking into expanding to other brands, as much as they are happy with their Samsung smartwatch community. The objective of their business is to develop even more keyboard prodcuts “for smart and connected devices.”

You can download Flesky App at the Samsung App Store for free.

VIA: Slashgear


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