Fleksy may not be as popular as Gboard or SwiftKey, but it does have a strong following in the virtual keyboard market. One of the most requested features from users is cloud sync since users nowadays don’t necessarily have just one device that they use. Finally, the latest update to the app, version 9.4.0 will allow users to sync all their preferences and purchases into their account and then log in to other devices and still have everything they have already synced to the cloud.

Virtual keyboards are more than just what you use to type on your device to send messages, write emails, or post on social media. There are themes, add-ons, extensions, dictionary, auto-correct, AI, and so many other preferences and customizations. So when you change your device or use a secondary one, it’s a pain to just start all over again. Fleksy users can now get rid of this headache as you can backup all of these in the cloud and sync your new or other devices.

Log in with your Google account and password when using Fleksy. It will automatically sync everything including your dictionary, preferences, and even purchases that you’ve made in the in-app store. So when you use another smartphone or tablet, you’ll just log in again to your Google account and everything should be there.

To experience the cloud sync, you need to update your Fleksy app to the latest version. You also get the usual bug fixes and improvements, but the only thing that matters here is that you can sync things and have it on other devices as well.