A new keyboard we first saw back in January has finally made it past the early development stages and is available starting today for all. Now that Google’s allowing beta testing through the Play Store, many developers are offering this option. Meet the new keyboard called Fleksy that is aiming to replace all the keyboards on Android.

Whether or not this will actually pick up and replace popular options like SwiftKey remains to be seen, but they have a pretty powerful suggestion and gesture based typing engine and experience. It’s simple. If you misspell a word a quick swipe will bring up multiple suggestions, and it’s usually correct on the first try. You can then gesture through the options by swiping up or down to choose the correct word. That’s if it didn’t get it right to begin with, but it usually does.

It could take some getting use to, but once users get it down the entire typing experience could become rather quick and fluid. Misspell a word and quickly swipe to the right to not only replace it with the correct work, but Fleksy also adds in the space so you can just keep typing. Swipe forward twice and it fixes your typo and then adds a period, if you’re at the end of a sentence of course. It might be hard to understand, but their tutorial on first install is helpful.

The developers claim that once you learn their system users won’t even need to look at their phones to type, it’s that accurate. Those quick swipes to the right will ensure the right word no matter what as you type along, although I’d still double check before hitting send on any outgoing text messages or work emails.

Before you run to the Play Store or get mad that the link doesn’t work, you’re required to join their Google+ Community before downloading the keyboard. So hit that link and join the Fleksy keyboard community, then tap the Play Store link below it on Google+ (or at the bottom of this post) to try their latest beta today. Again this isn’t for everyone, and might take a learning curve, but we’ll gladly be giving it a try for the next few days.

SOURCE: Play Store


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