Because users look at their mobile devices’ keyboards an average of 180 times or a minimum of 1.5 hours per day, it would really help if you had a nice-looking one right? The makers of one of the most popular virtual keyboards believe so, and that is why they’re releasing Fleksy 3.0, a new-look and redesigned version with 17 additional languages and even more customisation options at the Fleksy Store.

Just two weeks ago, Fleksy released an update in the beta version, adding several new languages. But in this version 3.0, they have now stabilised the bugs and tweaks for a better and more comfortable user experience. They added 17 languages (including the ones from the beta update) to bring the total to over 40. The new ones include Albanian, Catalan, Croatian, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Norwegian and Tagalog, plus many more to come soon.

In terms of redesign, they said that their designers took it down “to the pixel level” and so now users have a new “Jet Black” Fleksy look. More than just a design change though, they have also added accuracy improvements so that the typing experience is faster and more correct than ever. For those who want their keyboards to be more colourful, the Fleksy Store is now selling six new color themes, including “Deep Blue” and “Liquid Sky” among others.

For the Fleksy Premium users, they can choose a premium theme and they will get it for free, in addition to the default “Jet Black” theme. So if you haven’t yet, you can download Fleksy 3.0 from the Google Play Store, or if you already have it, just update it so you can get all these new features.

SOURCE: Fleksy