Fleksy, which calls itself the “Happy Typing” keyboard, is spreading its wings in this latest update for the flexible, and forgiving, Android alternative keyboard. Starting with this release, Fleksy will be supporting 6 more languages, including Swedish and Czech, and adding keyboard layouts such as QWERTZ and Dvorak.

Fleksy made a name for itself among the myriad keyboard apps available on Android by offering a set of rather peculiar features you’d be hard pressed to find on other popular keyboards. While it did not sport swipe-based typing popularized by Swype, and now included in Google Keyboard, it did boast of more lenient learning algorithms that made more room for errors and imprecise tapping. Perhaps its most curious feature is the invisibility option which, may sound like a gimmick, it is a feature that made it a perfect fit for miniscule devices like, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. It even has badges for typing achievements just like in some games.

However, Fleksy is still a regular keyboard that needs to also support no-nonsense features as well, and in that aspect it does not disappoint. This latest update takes that serious character even further by expanding its support for more languages and keyboard layouts. In this update, Swedish, Danish, Malay, Hungarian, Czech, and Slovak have been added, but they’re still in Beta status so things might not exactly be perfect. As for keyboard layouts, QWERTZ, Colemak, and geek favorite Dvorak join the ranks of QWERTY, QZERTY, and AZERTY, giving users more choices depending on their locale or preferences.

The update also adds a whooping 200 and more Emojis as well as shortcuts to those game-like Badges. What hasn’t changed, however, is the fact that the free version of Flesky still lasts only 30 days. Those who wish to continue using this predictive keyboard must be prepared to part with $3.99 for the unlocked version.

Download: Fleksy (Free, Paid) on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Fleksy