Moms love to game, they love to read, and they love to browse the web. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be doing that just like we do, via a tablet or smartphone. If the Mother in your life sounds like one who could use a tablet, we’ve got a few suggestions. No matter what kind of Mom yours is, there’s a tablet out there for her.

For the busy Mom

Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs are, hands down, the most robust offering in the Android universe. They pack a ton of utility into a slim frame, and have one of the best screens you’ll find. Samsung brings the heat with top-end specs and expandable memory, too, so Mom will never go wanting. With a variety of screen sizes, she’ll be able to get exactly what she wants.

Hardware is great, but Samsung software is where things really get interesting. Their new UI is wonderful for a Mom who wants a tablet for work and play, as the Magazine interface puts everything at the tip of her finger, right form the home screen. An endless array of apps via Google’s Play Store means your Mom will be able to find just about anything she wants or needs.


Mom’s who are on the go

The Mom in your life may not have time to roll out a big 10-inch tablet, but she wants a device that doesn’t leave her squinting at her phone for watching movies and such. When Mom is out and about, there is no tablet better than a Nexus 7. The slim form factor lets her slip it into just about any bag she may be carrying, and the sleek black shell looks good anywhere.

The Nexus 7 is powerful enough to handle just about anything Mom can toss at it, too. A Snapdragon 600 powers the Android flagship tablet, and a new Google Now launcher is great for a Mom who needs info fed to her quickly and easily. A camera lets her snap pics, but try to remind her that’s just not alright, will ya?


The mobile shutterbug Mom

Mom isn’t listening about your complaints regarding mobile photography with a tablet? Fine, meet her halfway. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra isn’t technically a tablet, but sure is passable as one (we’re still not calling a device this big a phone, sorry). If Mom wants the large view-finding experience a tablet offers, but doesn’t want to tote around a 10-inch-plus screen, the 6.4-inch Xperia Z Ultra is a great choice.

Sony always packs a punch with their cameras, and the Z Ultra is no different. While it may not have the 20MP shooter little brother Xperia Z2 has, it gets the job done with an 8MP camera. Sony’s editing software is also top-notch, as are their photo skins. Mom will have a great time taking pics with this one, and we won’t be embarrassed when she does. She can even upload on the go!


Mom’s a reader!

Is that special mom in your life a bookworm? There amy be nothing better than a Kindle tablet this Mother’s Day. Amazon has a wide lineup of tablets, coming in a variety of screen sizes and specs. Centerred around Amazon’s media offerings, a Kindle is a great choice for the reader in your life.

Newer Kindle tablets also come with MayDay, Amazon’s take on customer service. If Mom is the low-tech type, a Kindle is a great choice for that reason as well. She won’t have to bug yo to “fix” her tablet anymore!

Of course, Amazon has a fairly limited ecosystem, so if Mom needs more than a really good eReader and media consumption device, feel free to pass. The Kindle app is available on any platform, so she can read to her heart’s desire while enjoying great apps from the Play Store. A Kindle tablet also works best with a Prime membership, so taking full advantage is not a one-time cost.


For the untethered Mom

Is Mom always on the go, never near an outlet? You could get her a battery pack, but that doesn’t really solve the issue — you just have to charge multiple things. Your best bet? A Lenovo Yoga tablet. The somewhat strange bulbous bottom (or side) end actually hides a massive battery that lasts quite a bit longer than other devices.

The little end piece also makes holding the Yoga tablet a dream, especially for extended periods. While Lenovo may not be on your radar for tablets, we’re big fans of the Yoga. The already great screen was recently updated, giving a stronger resolution. No matter which Yoga tablet you choose, though, you won’t go wrong.

Yoga also has a unique stand feature, rendering aftermarket cases that are little more than stands useless. With a Yoga, you get a nice all-in-one that lasts quite a while. It may not be as slim as other tablets, but we find the longer battery life and ease of use a much better tradeoff for the tired monolith design.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+_01


Mom’s are special, and even though they may not let you know it — they love gadgets, too. Tablets are a great choice for Mom, and we think these five (or, four with one massive smartphone, really) are ones she’d love carrying around or leaving at home.

We know, you’re looking for our pick, here. While all are great offerings, we’d have to go with Lenovo. Th battery life is outstanding, and the screen is marvelous. Lenovo also doesn’t trip over Android’s toes with a heavy UI. The form factor is a bit different on first inspection, but with use you really start to realize why it’s so uniquely pleasant.

If the Mother in your life isn’t as tech-centric as you are, a tablet can also be a good way to introduce her to all the great things mobile tech can do. This Mother’s Day, give tablets a look for Mom. You can get most of these devices at many major retailers, so a quick trip to the store may make you a hero this Sunday.


  1. Hi nate,
    You really shared good post about new generation tablets. I don’t know mothers will like or not but I say defiantly all tablets technologies are amazing and looking great. It helped me to increase knowledge about latest tablets features. Thank to share this information with us.

  2. Hey. Doesn’t the Nexus 7 have an S4 PRO? I have one and thought the only tab that has the 600 was the GPad.


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