LG V50 Concept

LG will remain in the mobile business. We’re sure of that because the other South Korean tech giant has recently registered not just one or two names but five. You read that right—LG has already trademarked the following names: LG V50 , LG V60, LG V70, LG V80, and the LG V90. These are the next models part of the LG V series and obviously, will be released in the coming years. These brand registrations can now be found in a global brand database, particularly, the CIPO.

This is the first time we’ve sighted information on a Canadian database so we’re assuming LG’s presence will be strengthened in the country. North America isn’t really a strong market for LG but that could change someday.

We don’t usually think about a company’s Canadian release but in this case, LG, may be starting a new trend. The trademark registrations only show the brand’s seriousness in staying in the mobile industry as it plans for the next mobile products.

The LG V40 ThinQ will be followed by the LG V50 next year. We’re assuming the ThinQ will still be added to the name.

LG could have finished after V90 but we’re not sure about calling it LG V100. These V phones are considered as Class 9 smartphones. We’re not sure if there will still be the LG V45, V55, V65, V75, V85, or LG V95.

VIA: LetsGoDigital