Ready to get Mom something great for Mother’s Day? If you’re still shopping, and want to get her a smartphone to let her know how great she is, we’ve got a few for you to consider. Whatever your budget, and whatever Mom likes, we’ve got you covered.

The Flagship

The Galaxy series of smartphones is widely considered the flagship of Android. It outsells all others (often combined), and is roundly available on any carrier. TouchWiz takes a while to master, but has a lot to offer. If Mom is keeping track of her health, the Galaxy S5 has a heart rate monitor built right in, and works perfectly with the Gear Fit wearable from Samsung.

The 5.1-inch screen fronts a larger build, but the band-aid back keeps this one easily usable with one hand. If Mom has small hands, the Galaxy S5 also has a one-handed mode that minimizes the screen a bit. There are a host of options, tweaks, bells and whistles with the Galaxy S5, but if you’re looking for a phone that can do it all, this is the one.



The Premium Model

HTC’s One (M8) is the classiest Android phone we’ve ever laid hands or eyes on. The sleek, smooth aluminum build comes in different colors, and is available with just about any US carrier. The front-facing speakers are a revelation for media consumption, and the 5-inch screen is outstanding.

Sense is HTC’s Android skin, and it is one that does justice to the platform. There isn’t a lot to learn with Sense, showing that HTC improved where they felt Android needed it. More often than not, they did a fantastic job. Blinkfeed will keep Mom up to date on news and your goings-on (if you post to Facebook or Twitter, that is…), which is something she’ll probably love.

If your Mom is one for snapping pics, HTC’s dual camera setup is fantastic. Editing after the shot is taken is easy with the secondary camera that captures info on surroundings, and we like the Ultrapixel scheme HTC has. If you want Mom looking sharp this Mother’s Day, the HTC One is your best bet.


The Custom Fit

Some Moms have preferences — some love a certain color or style, making the Moto X a great bet for her this Mother’s Day. With MotoMaker, you can snap up a really great device for Mom in the color she wants, with the accents she likes. You can even pick up a few accessories along the way, giving Mom a setup as unique as she is.

More than just a sharp looking device, the Moto X still brings a lot to the table. Even though it’s a little long in the tooth, the stellar Motorola build and solid spec sheet hold up for everyday use without hesitation. If you’re looking for a solid performer that you can customize to Mom’s liking, check out the Moto X.


The Budget Choice

Mom is great, but your bank balance isn’t. If that sounds like you, the Moto G may be your best bet. Though its specs are a bit limited, the Moto G can often be found for under $200 — a steal when compared to just about any other device. While the Moto G is a bit limited in the spec department, it’s no slouch.

A mid-range phone through and through, the Moto G offers enough to keep anyone happy. A 4.5-inch screen is surprisingly adequate, and it even has customizable back plates. Unlike the Moto X, the G’s rear cover can be changed at-will, so Mom is free to switch it up as she feels fit.


The Home Run

Want to get Mom a powerhouse phone that looks a whole lot better than the price tag would lead you to believe? The Nexus 5 is the phone you want to be snapping up. A 5-inch screen is powered by top-end specs that do not disappoint. If the Galaxy S5 is the Android flagship, this is the reference point for the entire platform.

We like the Nexus 5 because it packs top-end specs to mid-range price, but be careful — it’s got issues. A recent camera bug is still plaguing the device, causing a lot of bluing in some lighting situations. Google is working to fix it, but just know if you buy this one and have issues, it’s not your device. An odd battery draining bug still plagues some users, even though Google issued a fix some time ago. Even with those nagging problems, the Nexus 5 still feels a lot more premium than the price tag. She’ll be proud to tote it around, and you’ll be happy knowing you saved a few bucks.



All of these are fantastic phones, but if we had to pick one winner for Mom, it would probably be the Nexus 5. Even with its hit-and-miss camera and odd battery issues, the price is just too hard to pass up on. The HTC One (M8) is equally great, but at nearly half the price you get similar specs and pure Android.

We’re sure Mom would be happy to own any of these devices, and you really can’t go wrong with any. Be sure to check around for deals, too, as various carriers have specials going on for Mom’s special day.