Need a gift idea for Dad this Father’s Day? The day is fast approaching, and if you need some ideas for a last-minute gift, we’ve compiled a few you can typically pick up while out and about. Dads can be hard to shop for, but our list will have you looking like the best kid he’s ever had.


Play Store

Dad loves apps, right? If he doesn’t, he probably loves music, or renting movies. If yours is one who likes to toy around with his phone, get him a Play Store gift card! They can be had in several different denominations, and picked up just about anywhere. From grocery stores to big-box retailers, you can snap dad up a gift card or two and let him grab all the media or apps he likes.



Does Dad take lots of notes? More to the point, does Dad take notes and forget where they are? He needs a Moleskine Evernote or Business notebook. With those, Dad can take notes, and snap a picture of them using the Evernote camera. The lined paper ensures a clean image every time, and the Business notebook has a special demarcation for private notes. Check your local Barnes & Noble store to find them.



You know what Dad really wants? To see those movies he bought from the Play Store on a big screen. There’s no easier way to do that than with a Chromecast. Slip Google’s little streaming dongle into your HDMI port, and toss movies straight from Play Movies onto the TV. At $35, and available at Best Buy stores everywhere, this is a gift dad will love for a long time.



Look, sometimes Dad just wants to listen to some music or a podcast. Your Mom is driving him nuts, and he just needs to get away for a bit. Get dad a great Bluetooth speaker or headphones this Father’s Day, and you’ll get that knowing nod of approval when he opens it up. JayBird has a stellar headset (though you may need to venture into an Apple store to get them) in their BlueBuds X, and JBL or Beats stuff is available at any BestBuy store nationwide.


A phone!

Is Dad still rocking that HTC Evo 4G? Sometimes, Dads just dont get it. If your Dad needs a new handset, there are plenty of options around. The Nexus 5 can be picked up unlocked at T-Mobile stores everywhere, and if you’re one for nine shopping, deals get better. Amazon can get you a Moto G for as low as $179.99, and can even get it to you by Saturday! Better act quick, though — they can’t promise overnight shipping all the time.



Dad’s are hard to shop for sometimes, but our list will have you winning Father’s Day this year. From peripherals to non-tech accessories — and even phones — this list should get you on the right path. Everyone else is going to get dad socks and stuff, so you might as well get him something he’ll actually want to use this year!