The Fitbit Flex wristband activity tracker was announced during CES. And coming along with that announcement, buried deep down at the bottom of the press release, was mention that select Fitbit devices would soon be able to sync directly with select Android smartphones — using Bluetooth.

And well, it looks like the folks at Fitbit have taken that a step further. But first, for those who missed that bit, Fitbit has said that Bluetooth 4.0 syncing will be available for Android users with a Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II smartphone. Well, that is provided they are using a Fitbit One, Zip or Flex activity tracker. And for those not rocking either of those handsets, Fitbit is working to bring additional device support in the future.

As for the additional device support, so far there is no timeline given. That aside though, the Bluetooth syncing for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II is expected to arrive in late-January or early-February. In other words, it looks like this support will be here fairly soon. And in fact, the folks at Fitbit have already begun looking for some users to do some testing.

Those looking to take part in the Fitbit testing period will need to meet a few requirements, not the least of which is having a Galaxy S III or Note II. You will also need to be available for 2 weeks and able to provide about 1 to 3 hours per week to give feedback. And on top of that, this is a private testing phase and you will be required to sign an NDA.

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