Fitbit has had an Android app available for a while now, but as we often see, the device support is rather limited. Officially speaking, the Fitbit Android app uses Bluetooth 4.0 with the LE (Low Energy) feature. For now that support is limited to a handful of Samsung devices, but it looks like some Nexus devices are getting ready to enter a beta testing period.

The above screenshot reflects what the Fitbit app currently shows when used on a Nexus 5.

The folks at Fitbit have recently updated the Play Store listing for the app and mentioned a beta release. The details point towards this being a beta test done through the Play Store. But more important, the beta will be for the Nexus 5, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2013). There wasn’t a specific timeline given as to when this will be available, however users are being encourage to fill out a survey form if they are interested.

Said form is actually a Google Doc that asks for your Google ID email as well as which Fitbit you have and which device you are using. Those looking to get access to the beta are also asked if they would be willing to provide some detailed information regarding the experience. Anyway, that Google Doc is fairly short and took just about a minute when we filled it out.

Otherwise, the Fitbit Android app officially supports the Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy S III ad well as the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.1. The Galaxy Note 3 was the most recent addition to that bunch. And along with support for the Note 3, the folks at Fitbit have also took care of “various” bugs and fixed the Active Minutes tile so it now includes only very active minutes.

SOURCE: Google Play Store, Fibit Nexus Beta Request Form