Fitbit OS Update 2021

The last Fitbit OS update we featured was back in November 2019. A lot has changed in the world since then. We also remember minor updates on the Fitbit app like that blood glucose tracking feature. In the future, Fitbit may introduc cuff-free blood pressure monitoring but while we’re waiting, we’ll busy ourselves with the latest developments especially since Google has already acquired Fitbit. The Fitbit brand is being improved in many aspects like getting two-factor authentication to protect accounts, Sp02, and skin temperature tracking.

The latest Fitbit OS update is the newest release. It comes with new updates and features that will make Fitbit devices more powerful and functional. First to be updated are the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3.

These two smartwatch models will receive new features that can help the users become connected, remain healthy, and stay motivated. For one, SpO2 levels can be checked from the Today dashboard. The data can also be seen directly on the wearable device. No need to check a smartphone or website.

The update will also deliver access to new clock face switcher functionality and new celebrations. Audio responses from Google can also be heard straight from the wrist.

Those owners of Versa 3 can soon join other Sense users in understanding more about their heart health. High-low heart rate notifications may be sent. SPO2 tracking is to check oxygen saturation. The update will deliver this feature plus the SpO2 clock face and your nightly average and trends within the Health Metrics Dashboard.

As for the High and low heart rate notifications, such information will benefit the Versa 3 owners. It works with the 24/7 continuous heart rate so the device can tell you if something is wrong or if heart rate is outside the thresholds.

Once the wearable device is updated, you can hear audible responses from Google. You can ask the Google Assistant almost anything and it will respond to you. Other new features include clock face switcher and new celebrations.


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