If you don’t have the budget to get a new wearable but you would like to feel like you actually have a new one, you’re lucky if your fitness band is the Fitbit Charge 2. The latest software update to it brings 11 new tracker functions, with 6 of them being “big upgrades” and the other 5 are still pretty important stocking stuffers. While Fitbit is fresh off its Pebble software acquisition, it’s still too early to see of course the changes that will happen, having the latter’s software engineers and technology on board.

Once you’ve updated your Charge 2’s software, you will be able to enjoy its new features, one of which is the ability to pause the tracker while you’re in any of your multi-sport exercise mode. Just tap the button on your side and it will flash while you’re on hold and you have to tap it again to resume. When you’re in your Relax Mode, the wearable can assist you with a light vibration when it’s time to inhale and exhale which is useful for stressful situations. You can also now have easily turn on the Do Not Disturb Option through the wearable’s side button so you won’t receive notifications temporarily.

Your Heart Rate Zone Display now has an improved visualization so you can easily see which zone you’re in (fat burn, cardio, peak). And if you need to see how much battery your device still has, you can now add the percentage of battery life on your display. But you need to sync up your Charge 2 before the effect is seen. You also now have a new clock face which shows you not just the hours and the minutes, but even the seconds.

The update also brings 5 stockings stuffers: a new intuitive interval timer, longer workout recaps and a plus sign on your display to indicate there are more notifications. When someone is calling your phone and the number isn’t recorded on your address book, it will show unknown on your Fibit Charge 2 device. When you receive a message, you’ll now see the message first before the sender’s name. So update your Charge 2 software to enjoy all of these new features.

SOURCE: Fitbit