Some people are satisfied with the wristbands that come with their wearables while some would prefer to have the option to change them every once in a while. Fitbit has partnered with various brands to bring designer accessories to their wearables and smartwatches since 2014 and now they’re launching two new accessory lines for the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3. The Brother Vellies collection brings “bold designs” from their emerging designers while they’re partnering again with Victor Glemaud to “celebrate inclusivity”.

Brother Vellies is a luxury accessory brand and partnering with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, their collection is basically a “high-fashion twist” on an accessory that most girls are familiar with: the scrunchie. But this isn’t just any ordinary scrunchie as the lightweight leather baands are made with Horween leather and handcrafted with premium oils and dyes. Because it uses traditional tanning techniques, it will supposedly mold to your wrist and develop “an age patina finish” eventually.

Meanwhile, this is the second time that Fitbit has partnered with Victor Glemaud, and this time around, they’re bringing accessories that are gender-neutral and sustainable. They use REPREVE recycled plastic fibers so your wristbands are comfortable and versatile as well as earth-friendly. The collection includes a metallic ombré band with nude shades that transition from light to dark, a metallic stripe band with a deep brown strip.

Fitbit Sense also now has a new color variant, sage grey/silver stainless steel that will be available later this month. Along with that, the sage grey color is added to the infinity band and there are hook and loop bands in charcoal and coastal blue. There are also two vegan leather band options in sand dollar and seaglass designs. The sports band lineup gets new colors for their silicone bands as well: blush/desert bloom and frost white/lunar white.

Below are the price tags for all these new accessories for the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 smartwatches:

Brother Vellies Designer Collection – $54.95 each
Victor Glemaud for Fitbit Collection – $39.95 each
Fitbit Sense in sage grey/silver stainless steel – $299.95
Sage grey infinity band – $29.95
Hook & loop bands – $34.95 each
Vegan leather band – $49.95 each
Silicone band – $34.95 each


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