FitBit seems to be on a buying spree lately. After successfully acquiring the software business of Pebble (and breaking the hearts of Pebble smartwatch owners everywhere), FitBit has seemingly added a new team to their company, as Vector Watch announced that their team and their software platform are also on their way to joining the American wearable manufacturer. While their smartwatches will remain functional, users should not expect any software and hardware updates in the near future.

Vector Watch has made a name for itself in creating smartwatches with a “magical” 30-day battery life since they launched in 2015. They believe that this recent acquisition by FitBit will allow them to create “new and amazing products, features, and experiences”. But of course they want to make the transition seamless while at the same time still allowing their customers to have the Vector Watch experience. This means current owners will still have the 30-day battery life as well as customizable watch faces and dedicated streams.

Customer service will remain the same, with the dedicated help page and an email address you can message for your concerns. Warranty and hardware inquiries will also still be addressed by the support team. Customers will still be able to submit their designs for new watch faces. They will also be able to access the platform to create these watchfaces. But for streams, developers will not be able to create new ones anymore.

There will be no more software and hardware updates for the watches but if you still want to own a Vector Watch, there are still some available at selected retailers. Now we have to wait what FitBit will be able to do with the software that they have acquired from the company.

SOURCE: Vector Watch