Fitbit Ace 3 Specs

Just a couple of days ago, we featured the Fitbit Ace 3 with leaked information. The product is now official as Fitbit just made an official announcement. It’s the company’s latest activity and sleep tracker for the kids six years old and above. It helps the parents give their kids a headstart in building healthy habits and getting active. The adults can have their Fitbit trackers while the children have the Fitbit Ace 3. The price is sub $100 so it is very accessible once it becomes available in the market on March 15.

This kid-friendly health and fitness tracker offers new accessories and more animated clock faces. It’s more fun in many ways and stylish yet allows the children to show off their own style. It’s swim-proof already and offers a longer battery life.

Parents may find the Fitbit Ace 3 helpful especially in this pandemic where children are mainly online. Socializing is limited and outdoor activities are discouraged. The whole family shouldn’t settle though. Everyone is encourage to move even when indoors. Kids (and parents too) must stay active. It’s time that people build healthy habits with this new product from Fitbit.

Fitbit Ace 3 can deliver “experiences that bring more fun into kids’ day-to-day lives to help them, and their parents, reconnect with the joy of movement, helping instill important, foundational healthy habits that can last a lifetime.” Fitbit’s VP, GM, & Co-founder, James Park, noted the challenge to keep the children “moving, motivated and happy”.

Fitbit Ace 3 Benefits

With the Fitbit Ace 3, the children can be motivated to move every day. You can set daily reminders or set minimum steps to take or hours to move. Personalized goals and timers can be set.

The wearable device can also connect the children with parent-approved contacts. They can also enjoy Family Face Off challenges and celebrate milestones with virtual awards. Choose from over 20 clockfaces and various accessory band options.

Parents must set up a Fitbit Family account in-app. From there, you can access Parent View to see children’s activities, app experience, and approve friend requests.

The Fitbit Ace 3 is now up for pre-order on and major stores in the US. It will also be sold in key markets around the world starting next week. Choose between the Cosmic Blue with Astro Green clasp or the Black model with a Sport Red clasp. Price tag reads $79.95.


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