Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone Price

It’s true that there are children today who may not know how to use a landline phone. There are households that no longer have a phone because there really is no need. There’s the smartphone and Internet already so there is no real use for such. But today, you may want to check out the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone and see that it can do more than serve as a toy. Well, it really is just a new product from the famous toy company Fisher Price.

The toy phone from Fisher-Price is already an iconic figure. It has become a character in Toy Story. The Chatter Telephone gets a modern vision kids and adults who grew up playing the toy can enjoy together.

The phone still has the rotary phone design but it now features Bluetooth connectivity. Yes, this means you can connect this to an smartphone to make and receive calls. It’s really just for novelty but it’s something you will enjoy.

For kids that don’t know how to use a rotary phone, get this Special Edition Chatter Telephone. They can use rotary mechanism to dial and hold the phone as a regular handset.

The Chatter features a speakerphone button. This lets you use the phone to talk to more people at once. It’s probably like having a smart speaker. It looks like the old thing but we all know it’s now smart and digital.

You can buy the Fisher Price Chatter Telephone with Bluetooth on Best Buy. Price tag reads $60.